Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan: Book Review


The writing was good, and the author does a great job keeping you  hooked in the story (eg. difficult to go to bed). I liked how the futuristic/dystopian nature leaked in; a refreshing change from the (stated) requirement that every story reveal it's genre in the first paragraph.  Several key scenes were not presented in scene but only afterwards; I'm not so sure this works as well from the stated wisdom to present the big happenings on the page, but it was a clear part of the style.

However, by the 20% mark, things were so bad, and clearly going to get so much worse, that I just couldn't put myself through it.  The worst for me was how the protagonist just ingests all the negativity about herself, and this definitely just gets worse. A strong character voice, but too depressing for me. I skipped to 95% and got to the twist at the end which was interestingly late for novel conventions but pleasantly somewhat hopeful.

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