Monday, August 27, 2018

Colorado Gold Contest Finalist

When I first went to the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Gold Conference in 2014, I dreamed of someday getting recognized as a Gold Contest Finalist. In 2015, the contest filled up before I got my entry in. In 2016 and 2017, I managed to enter and got very useful feedback from my judges. Finally, this year, I got the email I've been yearning for.

I'm so excited to get to wear a Finalist ribbon on my conference badge this year, and walk up to the stage with the other finalists. They will announce first, second and third place winners from the list but it is enough for me to be there. It validates all the hours of writing and money on classes that I've put in over the past five years.

Then my critique group read the current ending, and a suggestion from Dinosaur Four author Geoff Jones set my brain on a path of changes that could make it a lot better...but different. Now I have to decide if it is worth putting in the work to do this, and not having a finished book to pitch at the conference. Frustrating, but even more I'm excited to have so many issues solved at once. Updates forthcoming!