Monday, September 11, 2017

Words on a Page

"The pure artistic path is the one that's not too tied to the outcome but is tied to the transformation that happens." George Saunders

I just returned from another inspirational and informative RMFW Colorado Gold Conference , where two agents were interested enough in my novel to request pages. I'm eager to get back to work massaging my WIP into the shape I know it can be because although there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is a very long tunnel indeed.

This time I attended with a long-time friend and on the drive home she said the main message she got from the conference was this:  In order to write, the most important thing is to write.  It doesn't matter how much, it doesn't matter if it's any good, it doesn't matter what the process is as long as it works. I use the phrase 'words on a page'  like 'boots on the ground': after thinking and planning and whatever, the thing that matters is to get those words on a page.

A post on the RMFW blog last week-- The Price of Our Dreams (Title Borrowed) quotes George Saunders in a podcast discussing the goals and the process of writing. In summary, he says that it isn't a negative to have a day job and still be a writer. I've personally felt this--working in science, I have an inside view that is envied by many sci fi writers.  Other jobs might not be so obviously beneficial, but everything can be used as inspirational material.

And now, back to that manuscript...

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